Worldwide Service for printing Machines


For internal or external machine relocations, we will be happy to assist you with our many years of experience and expertise.

No matter whether it is about punching machines, embossing machines, letterpress machines, tigelmaschinen, sheet offset machines, cutting machines, folding machines, saddle stitchers, etc..


We are the specialists for Heidelberg cylinder (spm steuer), Heidelberger Tigel, die-cutting cylinder, embossing cylinder and Bobst and Giez brand letterpress presses.

We can also help you with punching machines and embossing machines as well as sheet-fed offset printing machines from a wide variety of manufacturers due to our many years of experience with machine breakage and/or machine problems.


Global Print Tec GmbH offers you a high-performance maintenance and repair service for the care and maintenance of your machines.

Spare parts service of the brand: Heidelberg Zylinder, Heidelberger Tigel, Bobst, Giez.

Sales – Heidelberg Letterpress Cylinder

Heidelberg Zylinder
SBG 56x77cm
Heidelberg Zylinder
SBG 56x77cm
SBG 56x77cm

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