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SLIC+  – Small Light Independent Coater  +  Blanket Cylinder

Our SLIC+ allows you to print and coat on the same printing unit, so you can coat without giving up a printing unit.

Explore SLIC+’s features and benefits, and learn how we can put you in the same class as printers with a dedicated coating unit.


  • Retractable design allows for easy maintenance, cleaning, and job preparation during printing when the unit is not in use.
    Innovative  servo technology enables printing and coating simultaneously on the same print unit.
  • Anilox roll technology allows for all types of waterbase and UV coating applications.
  • Chambered anilox system provides the same cutting edge technologies found on the dedicated coating units offered by press manufacturers today.
  • Standard Speed-Clamp for quick change of blankets
  • Turnkey package includes connectors, hoses, and pumps.
  • Color touch-screen control system is located directly at the coating unit.
  • Automatic running register control enables precise application of coatings and inks.
  • Anilox roll technology provides precise coat weight applications.
  • Two-sided jobs no longer require frequent stops to clean spray powder when printing with conventional ink.
  • The fully adjustable servo-controlled blanket cylinder performs on both simple and complex spot coating jobs.
  • Gives the printer the ability to compete with presses with tower coaters without purchasing a new press. In fact, SLIC+ costs less than half the price of a tower coater.
  • No additional space is needed for the coater or drying system.

Functional Description:

SLIC+ includes an add-on blanket cylinder, which is designed to come into contact with the substrate on the last printing unit’s impression cylinder. A retraction device moves the unit to the printing position, when in use, to a storage position, when not in use. The complete system includes a chambered anilox coating cylinder that applies coating to the blanket cylinder. The anilox roll technology insures precise metering of all types of coatings and metallic flexo inks, while the additional blanket cylinder allows the printer to run both spot and overall coatings, even as the last unit is used for printing.


Major System Components:

  • Servo-driven blanket cylinder automatically matches the press speed.
  • Touch screen display operates the circumferential register controls.
  • System incorporates a retraction device for easy storage when not in use.
  • Complete chambered anilox coating system includes a self-contained, variable speed drive.
  • Integrated safety system ensures secure operation.
  • Combines easily with Aradiant’s infrared and/or ultraviolet curing equipment for one complete turnkey system.
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