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Global Print Tec is always on the lookout for the most economical solution with a view to the entire system. From repair, use of specially developed materials, conversion to speed control to replacement of a machine,

Global Print Tec Service experts work with customers to develop individual solutions to adapt equipment to changing conditions, both technical and legislative.
Technical advice: experience and know-how to achieve the goal

Project planning

In order to realise a somewhat larger project, good planning and exact project planning are required.
First and foremost is planning. In contrast to project planning, planning consists of summarizing a larger project.
Project planning goes into detail. Once the planning has been completed, the project planning can begin. Concrete work steps are defined for this purpose.
Due to our competence and experience in the graphic field, we are able to offer you comprehensive and complex planning and project planning as a service.


Global Print Tec offers a powerful maintenance and repair service for the care and maintenance of your machines.
Machine maintenance plays an important role in all branches of industry. Maintenance helps to detect and eliminate minor malfunctions or progressive wear in good time before unscheduled downtime occurs. With Global Print Tec’s machine maintenance you can be sure that your machine or your entire machinery will be inspected and maintained by competent specialists.

Spare Parts

Spare parts service of the brand:
Heidelberg, Bobst, Giez
Polar cutting machines.

Many problems can be easily solved by changing a spare part. It is therefore of the utmost importance that spare parts can be delivered quickly.

Benefit from our many years of experience and use our constant availability to ensure that your printing processes run smoothly.

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